MBBS in Georgia is a new forthcoming destination for the Indian students. It is a fantasy for various students to study MBBS in Europe. It is gradually enhancing a popular destination to study MBBS in European countries. MBBS in Georgia is the best suitable choice. Medical universities are best and suitable in Central Europe. The courses offered by the medical universities in Georgia are both recognized by the Medical Council of India and WHO.

At present, Georgia is obtaining importance as a popular destination among the medical students who wish to pursue their higher study. In India, there are several families who think two options to make a career choice either Medical or Engineering. If someone is planning to study abroad, they have several options to consider, which can be costly also. They have other alternatives in terms of affordability which can be Georgia, Ukraine, and Russia. This is making Georgia trendy and popular among the Indians students.

MBBS in Georgia – Highlights

   Degree offered    MD (Equivalent to MBBS in India)
   Program duration    6 Years
   Eligibility Criteria    10+2 (50% marks in PCB)
   NEET    Required
   Tuition Fees   4000 USD to 5500 USD per year
  Accommodation    3120 USD per year*
   Medical universities approved by    MCI & WHO & other bodies
   Teaching Medium    English


Georgia is an autonomous state of the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Georgia is not a part of Europe and not the members of the European Union. Placed at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it is surrounded to the west by the bank sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia and southeast by Azerbaijan. Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia. Georgia envelops a territory of 69, 7000 km and its population is almost 4.7 million. Georgia is a replete, semi-presidential republic, with the government elected through a representative democracy. Georgia is country brimming with amusing culture, religions along with the fascinating landscapes and ancient history. Georgia is a country where one can find the measureless sea. Georgian is the official language of Georgia.

Tbilisi State and Batumi the government colleges are recommended for Indian students. Till 2011, MBBS admission in Georgia is not very popular. Most of the students either prefer to go to Russia or Ukraine if they wished to go to East European countries. There was trouble with Russia on the eastern sector due to war. Therefore, students were suggested to pursue MBBS from Georgia instead of Ukraine.

List of MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Georgia

Sr. No. University Location Established Year
1 Tbilisi State Medical University (100 Years Old) Tbilisi, Georgia 1918
2 Georgian National University SEU Tbilisi, Georgia 2001
3 Geomedi Medical University Tbilisi, Georgia 1998
4 European Teaching University Tbilisi, Georgia 1995
5 Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University Batumi, Georgia 1895
6 New Vision University Tbilisi, Georgia 2013
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Prescribed documents required for MBBS admission in Georgia

The medical courses imparted to the students are completely in English. For the bachelor’s program, you will have to submit the 12th standard mark sheet and certificate. It is mandatory that you must qualify the intermediate from a recognized institution of any Indian university. Before enrolling for MBBS in Georgia, you are required to submit the following documents:-

  • Health certificate which mentions the vaccinations.
  • Valid Passport and Visa.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Necessary College transcripts
  • 10th /12th passing certificate /mark sheet
  • Passport size photographs with white background.

After the completion of the course, you can even enroll for the master’s degree program. Georgia is famously known for the medical universities which intents at academic excellence. Georgia medical universities have been established with the aim of developing caring and competent doctors who will work towards contributing high-quality health care facilities. The tuition fees at the medical universities of Georgia are lesser than any other medical universities in different countries. This is one of the factors which make the destination an itch for among the medical students.

The admission process is very simple at the university

  • Students are required to fill the online application form along with the documents to be furnished.
  • University issues an offer letter as soon it gets the application form. The students are required to deposit the fees in the bank account of the university.
  • After 30 days, the students get the accreditation letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, upon which the university gets a ministry order and issues an invitation letter to the students.
  • Visa approval takes 30 days once the procedure gets completed. And then they have to submit the fees for the first-year course.
  • When the fees get cleared, the process of departure gets finished.

Luxuries offered by the medical universities

The university is popularly known for its world-class infrastructure. During the freezing winter months, there are heating facilities well equipped in the classes. There is a proper provision for the library and excellent ambiance given to the students to encourage them with a colossal collection of books related to medicine. There are an internet facility and proper computer labs. You will get a wide exposure at the universities as conferences are organised where professors are invited to deliver lectures.

MBBS in Georgia Fee structure and opportunities 

The fee structure in Georgia is lower as compared to other countries. Living cost in Georgia is affordable and cheap. But costs may vary according to your lifestyle. And once you complete the course, you can apply to the healthcare industry. The faculty at the medical universities will imbibe you with the skills and knowledge which is a prerequisite thing for churning out a successful career path.

  University   Tuition Fees/Year   Accommodation Fees/Year
  Georgian National University   5500 USD   3120 USD
  Geomedi Medical University   4000 USD   3120 USD
  Ivane Javakhishivli Tbilisi State     University   5000 USD   3120 USD

Hostel facility There is a proper provision for the accommodation for the students. The hostel rooms are well furnished and cleaned and tidy and properly maintained by the hostel authorities.


 The main mode of transportation of the country is by road, waterway, air, and rail. Over the years, there has been a smashing improvement and growth in the transportation system. There is a total number of four airports in the country and generally, university’s authorities come to pick-up the students when they arrive for the first time.


The cuisine of the country has matured over the country. It is an amalgamation of different influences of the different period and eras that the country has gone through. Universities run their own mess and cafeterias which provide food of different cuisines. Considering the demand of the students, the Georgian universities have the mess of their own which provides the Indian cuisines. Indian students can enjoy well their cuisines and can adjust well at Georgia.

Climate in Gerogia

Georgia has dual climatic conditions which depend on the Eastern and western part of the country. The overall climatic condition of the country differs depending upon the altitude. There is dense rainfall during the autumn season. Throughout the area, the country experiences condensation. In western Georgia, lowlands are extremely hot throughout the year.

Culture The roots of Georgian culture lies in Iberian and Colchian cultures. Georgia has been culturally influenced by the Roman, Greece, Byzantine and Russian empires. The custom of the country is famous with locals love for film, music, and dance. The country got its revival in the 11th century and witnessed the huge development in the field of literature, philosophy, science, architecture, and arts. The medical admissions are considered one of the toughest in the world and there are many hapless students who get deprived of the admission criteria and high admissions and course fees. Such student’s dream gets the feathers with the MBBS admission in Georgia. All you required is to make up your mind to get into the University of your Choice in Georgia and can be a part of the rich educational culture of the nation.

Reasons to study in Georgia

Georgia is one of the matchless places when it comes to living standards and peace of life. There are a plethora of options for you to have a happy and relaxed life within a budget. While the country is a democratic republic, the crime rates are very less in the country, which provides a safe environment for the students. Even though a survey it is clearly stated that Georgia ranks the top 10 safest countries in the world. At the same time, the university offers innumerable employment opportunities to the students, which features several top medical universities when it comes to the medicinal study. The economical living which is almost 2.5 times cheaper than the USA and around 3 folds cheaper than the UK. Georgia is a perfect place for the students to Pursue MBBS in Georgia medical universities.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Georgia

The country offers severe undue benefits to the students to ensure that they have made the correct choice of studying in Georgia.

  • Georgian universities have fewer fees.
  • IELTS/TOEFL not required at all.
  • 100% Visa Approval rate
  • Complete English medium.
  • Very amicable environment for the students.
  • Affordable place to live with the monthly expenses.
  • Georgia features the lowest crime rates in countries in the world.
  • WHO/MCI approved medical universities
  • No donation required
  • Easy admission procedure
  • Separate lodging facilities for girls and boys.
  • Options are given to the students to pay fees in two instalments.
  • Best salary packages given to the students.
  • No tuition fees for the last year course.

MBBS in Georgia Universities Ranking

  University   Country Rank   World Rank
  Georgian National University   25   11035
  Geomedi Medical University   37   11886
  Ivane Javakhishivli Tbilisi State  University   2   3445
  European Teaching University   32   11513
  Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University   6   7923
  New Vision University   18   10407

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