MBBS in Germany

Students often look for global destinations for study and therefore choice of Study in Germany seems most suitable options in the Western European region. Several reputed universities and colleges are there in this country to offer quality education. Medicine in Germany is now considered best choice for global career in the medical field. What makes it more important for Indian students though? As for Indian student in Germany has been eased through simplifying the visa rules, many students prepare and take the tests for education in this country.

Most Indian students qualify for admission in Germany because of hard work and sincerity. It is an important reason that many European nations especially those in the western side welcome Indian students.

How to Process MBBS Application?

If you want to study in Germany, then you should remain aware of local rules for admission in German universities besides awareness about residency rules. Climatic conditions of this region also differs from the rest part of the world. Before you opt for Medicine in Germany, you must do thorough research of all these factors. As this country is considered best for medical education in the world, it is not easy for MBBS admission in Germany especially in the top twenty universities.

Use genuine resources and take assistance from the most professional educational consultancies that deal in mbbs for Indian student in Germany. The team of expert educational consultants at such consultancies keep you informed about what makes German universities sought after. They guide you about admission process to many other things including test patterns. Furthermore, they keep you informed about the benefits of Medicine study to visa rules for all international students. Look for best consultancies which can bring bundle of information for you to ease your admission process.

Financial Support through Scholarships

Those of you willing to study MBBS but have lack of funds can make inquiry about scholarship availability. Several financial supports are available for international students. Some scholarships are exclusively for the indian student in germany to support meritorious students from the Indian subcontinent studying medicine. Besides best standard of MBBS in Germany the courses are theoretically and practically suitable with all required infrastructure and the faculties which keep the students engaged. It is the main reason that Medicine study in Germany has been gaining popularity with passing of the day. According to recent surveys, more than 250,000 international students preferred Germany on the other nations for their brighter career.

Internationally Recognized MBBS Degree

Securing admission in Germany increases your confidence in many ways. German Universities welcome students from all nook and corner of the world. They offer best avenue for students to learn in multicultural environment. It is also important to note that for indian student in germany has been eased in multiple ways. Due to low tuition fees and scholarship supports for the meritorious students, one can obtain quality German education in comparatively cheaper cost.

It is noticed by global educators for one more reason. Many scholars were born here including the world renowned scholars like Einstein, Planck, Hertz, Ohm, Gauss, Kant, Nietzsche, Marx, Hegel, Goethe, Mann or Hesse to name a few.

One who study MBBS in Germany is always inspired from the success stories of past scholars. This country didn't compromise on education and thus its universities excelled over the decades. This country has produced more than hundred Nobel laureates till date.

It has also made it tough to qualify in merit list for an enrollment. If you approach professional educational consultancies you are guided for preparation to crack entrance examination. You are also supported to explore some earning means while study in prominent German universities.

What Differentiates German MBBS Courses

Meritorious students can opt for MBBS admission in Germany due to various key reasons. Cost effectiveness of medicine courses to easy atmosphere for overseas students distinguish MBBS in Germany from the rest. Other factors are:-

  • Wonderful environment for international students
  • Low cost of living to manage student life easily
  • Degrees are recognized by WHO and UNESCO et al global bodies
  • Affordable tuition fees for international students

It is the main reason that large chunk of mbbs for indian student in germany applications are processed today. As many German universities don't ask for tuition fees due to being funded by government or private agencies for the international students, Medicine study in Germany has become a dream cum true for many.

Also easy enrollment options for students willing to get MBBS admission in Nepal thus encourage for increased number of enrollments. It is the key reason for many students willing to study MBBS in Bangladesh for their exposure to multiculturalism and quality education.


Germany is emerging as a favorite destination for people willing to pursue their higher studies (especially for Master's and Doctoral studies). The number of foreign applicants applying to Germany in seek of higher education is steadily increasing year by year and term by term. Before a prospective student even thinks about securing a German degree, it is very important for him/her to have concrete reasoning behind their decision.

  • Excellent hands on apply.
  • Separate Hostel for each boys and girls.
  • Availability of Indian food for students.
  • The possibilities of residence and permanent settlement in Europe after the completion of the study program.


  • Banking Facilities, Campus Facilities, Wi-Fi.
  • Good staff and literature
  • Extremely easy VISA process
  • Average living expenses-Euro 400/month
  • Language Training-Euro 4000-5000 (7.5 Months)
  • Students can apply for permanent residence after working for five years.
  • Starting Salary upon completion of degree in medicine in Europe is euro 50,000/annum.
  • Part time jobs allowed 20hrs/week making learning and living conditions easily affordable.
  • Upon completion of the MD degree, students get work papers very simply as compared to alternative countries.
  • As Germany is the part of European Community, students can move to any of the eu country as well as United Kingdom for practicing.


  • Customary of Education: The aspiring Indian students will expect towards finding out best and medical programs in FRG.
  • No Entrance Test: There's no entrance take a look at to urge admission within the German medical education program.
  • Internship Program: The internship program in FRG permits students to earn monetary unit 40K to 60K that is around thirty lacs approx.
  • Latest Curriculum: German universities still keep their info updated as per latest advancements within the medical field.
  • Sensible knowledge: Students registered in German medical teaching programs get additional sensible exposure instead of cramming the speculation.
  • Career Growth: Throughout the course, the scholars get business exposure and acquire an immediate placement once finishing it. There is, in fact, plenty of scope for obtaining employment in FRG itself.

Admission Process for MBBS in Germany

Indian students aiming to study MBBS in Germany need to score a minimum of 60% in the 12th standard. Desirable they additionally got to clear the primary year of graduation. Variant IELTS and TOEFL are mandatory. Proficiency in German is an additional advantage. An honest educational record helps the students to acquire admission in the acknowledged universities. A valid passport and a statement of purpose are needed during admission.

Documents required for Application:

  • Updated Resume
  • Valid Passport
  • Recommendation letter
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • 10 Photostat copies of Passport
  • Statement of purpose and 10 Photographs.
  • 10 Photostat copies of School Leaving Certificate

About Country

Germany's capital, Berlin, is one of the trendiest cities in Europe, and plays host to over twenty universities, offering a world-class education to anyone choosing to study there. With a population of over 80 million though, Germany has a lot more to offer than just its capital city. Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt are all favorites of international students looking for the best education in Europe. Whilst the national language is German, there is no shortage of foreign languages that are being spoken across the country.

English is widely spoken, especially across university campuses, and many courses are taught in English. Whilst the climate does change from the North-western and Coastal regions of the country as you head inland, the overall climate of Germany is moderate and tends not to have any long periods of cold or hot weather.

The top tourist attractions in Germany include:

  • Oktoberfest (Munich)
  • Berlin Wall (Berlin)
  • Cloner Dom (Cologne)


Germany is a federal republic in central Europe. Since thr reunion with the former DDR on October 3 1990, GERMANY is, after RUSSIA, THE UKRAIN, GERMANY, SPAIN and SWEDEN the biggest country of Europe. Germany is the seventh largest country in Europe. The country spans over 137,847 square miles. The population in the country is approximately eighty-one million. Germany lies central on the europian continent and borders to no less than 9 other countries.

Denmark (68 kilometer) in the north, The Netherlands (577km), Belgium(167km) and France (451km) in the west, SWITZERLAND (334 KM) and AUSTRIA (784 KM) in the south, and THE CZECH REPUBLIC (646 KM) and POLAND (456 KM) in the east. About the Third of the area was formed by the former DEUTSCHE DEMOKRATISCHE REPUBLIK (DDR).


Germany was a collection of 1000 small states and 350 principalities in the middle of 19th century. The country experienced an upsurge in economic output. The German empire was founded when Wilhelm I of Prussia was declared as the German emperor. Large scale industrialization took place in the country. In the 1920s loss of territory and political upheaval led to loss of territory. During World War II, Hitler declared dictatorship in Germany. Today, Germany is an independent country and is officially called as Federal Republic of Germany.


In student residences, you'll be ready to book low cost rooms and small flats. Personal shared accommodation may be a standard alternative among students. Every flat is shared by variety of scholars whereas the room is shared by all. A flat or associate housing will be the correct alternative if you want to measure on your own and revel in a quiet, peaceful setting.


Germany is a country which offers culinary delights. Ancient cooking methods are used to prepare the dishes. Popular spices, which are used in German dishes, are mustard, horseradish and juniper berries. Modern German chefs aim at creating new ad light fare which is delectable. Popular dishes of the country include Sauerkraut and Sauerbraten in which roasted beef is cooked in wine and vinegar. Indian eating place also available there for Indian students.


Public transport network in Germany is highly developed. The best ways to travel in the country are by car or train. Ferry services are also on offer. Buses run along popular routes at regular intervals. Car rental outlets allow you to hire your own vehicle. Rail network in Germany is considered as the best in Europe. Depending on the distance you plan to travel you can avail benefits of discount ticket.


Summer in Germany is hot and the winters are snowy. Rain can occur in any season. So it is necessary to be prepared with umbrellas and raincoats always. The weather is at its best in autumn. When the temperature is mild, it is the best time for outdoor fun. Summer temperatures are typically between 20°C and 30°C.